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Baccarat is a traditional casino game that originated in Italy. It is one of the more popular games played in casinos because it can be exciting like much like blackjack and craps.

How To Play Baccarat

Playing baccarat online is relatively easy because it is a very simple game. There are three basic bets you have to choose from:

You'll bet that banker hand will win
You'll bet that your hand will win
You'll bet that the hands will result in a tie. *1 in 8 chance

You bet on whichever hand you hope will win the game before the dealing of cards. If the banker's hand wins, he retains the shoe and if your hand wins, the shoe passes to you from the banker. You can pass on the shoe if you choose to do so.
What Makes Up A Winning Baccarat Hand?

Now you know the basic flow of the game so its time to learn how the hands are actually scored. In baccarat the objective is to make the hand with the closest value to 9 and no hand can equal more than 9. What this means is that if the total of your hand is more than 9 then the value will drop its first digit. For example if you have a 6 and a 4 then it appears you have 10. The hand is actually scored as a 0 because it is 1 point more than 9. You basically cycle through points.
Baccarat Card Values

Card values in baccarat are very simple. Ace-9 are worth what they appear to be. For example, an ace is worth one point, a 3 is worth 3 points, a 9 is worth 9 points. The rest of the cards are worth zero. 10, J, Q, K are all worth zero.
Sample Baccarat Hands

Cards: 6 and 5 - point value is 1
Cards: 8 and 8 - point value is 6
Cards: 5 and 5 and 9 - point value is 9

Baccarat Game Rules

A score of 9 in the first two dealt cards is a perfect hand. 8 or 9 in the first two dealt cards is a called natural hand. A natural hand is an undisputed winner unless there is a tie.

You can only beat a natural eight with a natural nine. All bets become void if a tie occurs unless you've bet on a tie, which is a very rare occurrence because the odds of this happening are 8:1.

You can draw similarities between baccarat and blackjack in that a natural hand of 9 in the first two cards is much like a "Blackjack". Another similarity to blackjack is how you sometimes have to stand and sometimes have to draw in blackjack. It is very much the same in Baccarat. You should stand if your score is 6 or 7 and hit if your card score is less than 4.

Baccarat is simply a guessing game. Which hand do i hope will win this round?

The banker hand is technically your best bet because it will win slightly more often -- 50.68% of all decisions, not including ties. This gives the casino a 1.36 percent edge on player bets. On all winning banker bets, the casino collects a 5 percent commission, leading to the 1.17 percent casino edge on banker.

Even with the 5% commission the dealer takes from the banker hand, it still gives you better odds than betting on the player hand, so most players think this is always the best play.


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