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Blackjack is one of the most popular and exciting casino games around. It is a favorite table game for most live and online casino enthusiasts.

When playing blackjack you first place your bet. Then you and the dealer get one card dealt face down and one card face up. "Blackjack" occurs when the first two cards dealt are an Ace combine with a card valued at 10 (Ten, Jack, Queen or King)
Player's are the first to act after the cards have been dealt. The player will choose his/her desired action based on strategy and specific table rules.
Your Play Options

Stand - This option allows you to keep the original two cards and settle for the current point value of your hand.

Hit - This option is a request for an additional card after your first two cards are dealt. You can hit as many times as you want, but if you go over 21 you bust and lose.

Double - This is an additional bet you can make which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a good hand. This will double the amount of your original bet and one card will be dealt. Players can usually double on a hand resulting from a split, except split aces. Double Bets pay 1:1

Split - If your first two cards are the same value, you can split them into two hands. A wager is then placed equal to the original bet. The cards are then split into two hands and one card is dealt to the first hand. After the first hand is completed then the second hand is dealt.

Insurance - If the dealer's face-up card is an Ace you will be given the option to take out insurance, which is an additional bet equal to half of your original bet. You are paid 2:1 on the insurance bet if the dealer has a card value of 10 underneath his Ace. You still end up losing your original wager and break even if the dealer hits blackjack. If you take insurance and the dealer doesn't hit blackjack then you lose the insurance bet and play out the hand.

Surrender - If your beginning hand is weak, you can choose to "surrender" unless the dealers first card is an ace. What happens when you surrender is you lose half your original bet.

Push - If your hand equals the same as the dealer, it is considered a Push. The player receives the amount of the bet back

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