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Poker Show: 2Months2Million

It seems poker can be seen everywhere now.  GSN has High Stakes Poker, NBC has Poker After Dark, and of course ESPN has the World Series of Poker.  Now, it is time for one of the actual gaming networks to get a show.  G4 now brings you the reality poker show 2 Months 2 Million.


The show covers four young professionals that pool their money to make $2 million in 2 months.  Each individual moves to Las Vegas to live in a house together so they can track the totals.  The show also follows the players’ ventures and humiliations throughout the show.  Other online poker professionals will be scene throughout the show such as Tom Dwan and Peter Galfond.

Here is a list of the cast:

Jay “KrantzRosenkrantz – Age 25 – From New York

- Boston College Grad with Screen Writing degree
- Started playing poker at the age of 12
- Played at Atlantic City at the age of 17 in the 5/10 limit games
- Wants to be a writer someday.

Brian “Flawless_Victory” Roberts – Age 26 – From Texas

- Dropped out of school at the age of 16
- Has a very simple math formulated strategy
- First poker win was $100 at his local casino
- Professional poker player for about 7 years now

Emil “WhiteLime” Patel – Age 25 – From New York

- Went to school at NYU
- Math was his favorite subject
- Started playing poker as a sophomore in college
- Is a vegetarian and a very picky eater

Dani “Ansky” Stern – Age 22 – From New York

- Youngest of group
- Hates mostly all card games or games of strategy other than poker.
- First win of $100,000 and loss of $100,000 came in same session
Never went to college

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