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Winner Poker

Unfortunately, like all iPoker software, Mac’s are not supported. Although, using a PC emulator will allow you to run this software. The iPoker platform is sleek, easy to use, and very easy to navigate.

The basic tabs and easy set up will allow you to find your game of choice quickly.

You will be given enough time to finish your bonus as well as build a larger bankroll. To earn your bonus, you must play in raked hands or tournaments which include a fee. For every amount collected, you will receive a VIP point. Not only will these points release your bonus, but also give you the opportunity to get cash back or tournament tokens.


The player traffic at Winner Poker is huge. While on the largest European Network (iPoker) you will be playing against any one who is on the same network. During peak hours you will find up to 25,000 people playing at once, and during the large prize pool guarantee tournaments, you will find upwards to 5,000 players in the field.


At Winner, multiple online games are available to the customer such as a casino, and bingo. The human tendency is to go where the money is, and the uneducated player will stumble into the poker room only to find you at the table, waiting to take all of their money. With weak competition, you will not find high stakes though. The highest limit you will find at Winner is $50/$100.


The customer support is the best in the biz, as they would say. Winner offers 24/7 tech and customer support to all members, as well as a phone line during business hours. Of course a large FAQ is there at your finger tips, and an e-mail will always be an option for you.

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