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Read Harrington on Hold’em

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Everyone remembers ‘Action’ Dan Harrington, right? Although he’s not a household name, like Chris Moneymaker or Fossilman, he does have one of the best tournament reputations.

In 1995 Harrington won the WSOP main event, earning him $1,000,000.
In 2003 Harrington placed 3rd in the WSOP, which earned him $650,000
In 2004 Harrington placed 4th in the WSOP, which made him $1,500,000 richer

Because his success and advanced poker knowledge, there was a lot of demand for him to write a poker book sharing his skills and strategies. He got to work on Harrington on Hold’em, (now a series of 3 poker tournament books), which quickly became known as the bible for poker tournament players. Some players even go as far to say that it’s, “the best poker book ever”.

If you play poker tournaments, or even just no limit hold’em, the Harington on Hold’em series has to be part of your poker book library. Eeach book contains over 300 pages of heavy poker content that should improve your outlook on poker ten fold.

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